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re: Anybody live in Boulder, CO

>From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
>Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:44:20 -0800
>Subject: anyone in Boulder?

>I am wondering if anyone on the list lives in Boulder CO 'cause my friend
>who goes to schoool there says that he say one of the most awesome A4's
>that he has ever seen.  He said that it was dark green(at least that is
>what he thought, it was night), had stock rims most likely, or some other
>similar aftermarket ones with very wide tires.  Also there was a spoiler on
>the trunk that looked almost exactly like the spoiler on an E30 M3 (the
>M3's from the '80s).  He also said that there was some bodywork done to it.
>Doers this sound like anyone's car that is on this list???

>85 Coup=E9 GT

I live close to Boulder and work in Boulder, so am on the highways
around town quite often.  I have kept my eyes peeled for A4's ever since
I wanted to buy one (and then again since we did buy a '97 A4 a month

I have not seen this car that you are describing, although I have seen a
definete increase in new A4's over the past six months.  The local
dealer here can't keep them in stock.  I will keep up the watch and let
you know if I see it.

P.S.  I did see a brand new A8 a few days ago in downtown Boulder. 
First one of those I had seen...the A4-ish 5 spoke wheels look awesome
on that big car.

Jason Teller
'97 Cactus Green A4
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