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20V Not So Ur q Update.

In my quest to make my '82 ur q run a little better, I have come to what
should be the final specs. for the car.

Engine: Slightly modified 2.4L 3B - Lightly massaged head, custom JE pistons
9.3:1, balanced, ur q flywheel modified to work with Motronic injection
system, manifolds cleaned up, RS2 exhaust man. if finances permit.  2.5"
exhaust to Flowmaster, high flow cat. (This car needs to pass emissions

Turbo: Custom K26, RS2+ (?), stock IC for the time being

Transmission:  016 with Torsen center (?),  Centerforce rebuilt clutch, 4:11
final drive ratio, rear diff. V8 Torsen -no more diff locks!

Brakes: Front G60 calipers on Brembo x drilled rotors, Rear V8 vented
xdrilled Brembo rotors w/ 43mm calipers,  modified V8 MC, stainless hoses,

Interior:  Late 4kq/Coupe GT, heated seats, possibly red leather interior
from Anniversary Edition '86 Coupe GT, wiring updated - no more under dash
fuse panel!  Possibly digital dash (smirking allowed) along with boost, oil
press., voltage/mixture guages in center console.  Switch installed for
toggling between coolant and oil temp in guage cluster.  

Lights: H4, H1 Hellas or late spec. euro lights if finances permit.

Wheels:  Fuchs 15x7 forged alloy

Suspension:  Koni adjustable struts, Eibach springs, plastic A arm bushings,
stock bars

Paint: ?

Tires:  ?

I have most of the parts I need with the exception of those followed by a
(?), the engine is being built and everything should go together in late
Spring.  Thanks to everyone who has participated in Steve's 20V ur q Sales I
and II (I still have lots of goodies) for making it possible.

Now comes the hard part... Putting it all together.

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B2B