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Re: Advice on Pricing a V8

I have a feeling that wide variation on the prices of V8s might be the 
norm.  Cases in point:

* dealer in illinois has a '92 V8 he is asking $27,000 for.  Benn on the 
market for months.

* seen an ad for a '91 in Milwaukee for $19,995.  Been o the market for 

* sports car dealer (non-Audi) had a '90 in pretty decent shape but still 
with UFO brakes--offered at $9900.

and now the killer:

*local Cadillac dealer was looking at taking the '90 V8 in trade on a '96 
STS Cadillac.  Salesman called me(I've known the guy for years,but have 
never done any business with him) asked me if I would be interested.  
Told him, that sight unseen I would not offer more than $10k, seller 
wanted $15k for the car on top of the $10k discount off of the price of 
the STS.  Dealer in Milwaukee offered the Caddy dealer $6k for the 
car--sight unseen.  It needed brakes, tires and probably three trips to 
the auto detailer.

Bill Murin
'87 4kq