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Re: A4 1.8 Questions?

> The funky radio station display on the dash between the
> tach and the speedo,
> is it a feature of the BOSE upgrade? or is it present on
> every A4 1.8?     The car I drove was Quattro with both the
> Trip computer and the BOSE upgrade, my question is this,
>  I think it's pretty cool to see the station you are tuned to with out
> having to look at the radio  But, I have heard the BOSE pkg is not worth the
> money?   How does the display function?  Does it show anything besides the freq.
> Would I loose it if I upgraded to a better headunit someday? (most likely)

It's part of the trip computer display.  My 1.8T has neither
trip computer nor Bose and doesn't have it.

You would lose the frequency display with a non-Audi head unit.