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High Performance Seat Heaters

I'm looking for feedback on high temperature performance on seat heaters 
comparison between Audi and VW.
In my 86 5000 CD quattro Audi setting 1 is good for an all day trip, 2 is 
enough for a cold day for up to a hour trip, 3 is good for a short trip after 
I've been outside for a while i.e. frozen buns..., or until the engine warms 
up and hot air starts coming.4-6 never tried for more than 60 seconds except 
as a joke,  ...passenger starts to look funny & flushed, tries to rearrange 
themselves then says I think youur seat's on fire? ... oh is the seat heater 
set a little too high?? ha ha. If the sun roof was open almost as good as an 
ejector seat...
But I digress...
On my 90 Corrrado setting 5 is maximum and its just barely as warn as setting 
1 on the Audi.  So are my C seats not working right??
Both cars have leather so conductivity shouldn't be the issue.
So anyone with 2 different seat heated vehicles please respond...
Brian? C + Q, others?
90 Corrado G60
86 Audi 5000 CD TQ