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Re: Clutch: Do I need a new one?

> There were no variations in the way the clutch felt in the last 2 1/2
> years I've owned the car, giving me no indications the clutch was going
> out.  The clutch never slipped or anything.  My date was not impressed.

Perhaps the linkage broke.  They do that sometimes.  Mine did once...
right outside my front door... I just coasted to a stop and walked into
the house...  A piece of threaded rod from Ernst was all I needed to fix it.
Your mechanic will probably want to replace the master cylinder if the
linkage broke.  That's fine, though if the master cylinder was recently
replaced and the linkage is now broken, I would say the pedal was
incorrectly adjusted when the MC was replaced.  How do I know?  It took
two attempts to fix mine.  The first time, I didn't adjust it correctly
and broke my threaded rod.

I definitely don't think the clutch itself has gone.