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Re: High Performance Seat Heaters

>I'm looking for feedback on high temperature performance on seat
>heaters  comparison between Audi and VW. In my 86 5000 CD
>quattro Audi setting 1 is good for an all day trip, 2 is  enough
>for a cold day for up to a hour trip, 3 is good for a short trip
>after  I've been outside for a while i.e. frozen buns..., or
>until the engine warms  up and hot air starts coming.4-6 never
>tried for more than 60 seconds except  as a joke,  ...passenger
>starts to look funny & flushed, tries to rearrange  themselves
>then says I think youur seat's on fire? ... oh is the seat
>heater  set a little too high?? ha ha. If the sun roof was open
>almost as good as an  ejector seat... But I digress... On my 90
>Corrrado setting 5 is maximum and its just barely as warn as
>setting  1 on the Audi.  So are my C seats not working right??
>Both cars have leather so conductivity shouldn't be the issue.
>So anyone with 2 different seat heated vehicles please

Nop...mine could be described the same.

However, don't know if my backs are working. After a while, they seem to have
heat on them, but can't tell if it is from my body temperature or the seats.

Does the back get as hot as the bottom? Or does the bottom get hot fast because
of your body weight?


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com