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Re: H4 wiring

Someone wrote:

>Yup, they are different.  When I installed Euro lights on my 4k, I had to
>redo the setup to the bulbs.   I was able to push the connectors back
>through the plastic and rewire that way, made life a bit easier.
>Thanks for the confirmation, John.  What is weird is that I have a set on my
>truck replacing the 7" round sealed beams, which function correctly with the
>stock wiring.  

I had this same experience a couple of weeks ago when I replaced the stock
7" lamps on my Range Rover. I put the adapters in, as I expected I would
need them, and *that* screwed up the bulbs...

Maybe new H4s are coming shipped configured differently than older
ones...or maybe new vehicles (my Rover's a '95) are being wired differently...

Anyway, this particularly frustrated me, as I waited to install the lamps
for a couple of weeks...got shipped the lamps without the adapters, and
didn't put them in until I got the adapters...

BTW, Imparts was the best place pricewise to get replacement headlamps.


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