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Re: Tufoil

>        I visited Motortrend's web site this morning and checked out an
>interesting product on their gift list. The product is Tufoil and was
>invented 25 yrs. ago.
>        Has anyone ever on the list ever used this product?


>It holds the
>Guinness Book Of Records distinction as being, "The world's most efficient
>lubricant", with a surface friction coefficient oe .029. Tufoil claims to be
>great for turbochargers too.

Well, we happened to use it on our 1984 Lincoln Mark VII (w/ inline
6 BMW built turbo diesel).  If it is good for turbos, it didn't
help us.... the turbo had to be replaced on that car!  (With Tufoil
and all!)  :(   Just Mobil 1 (other other good synthetic) for mw
thanks.  :)


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