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Re: 85 GT driver's window won't work

> My brother has an 85 Audi GT (US model), and suddenly the driver's side
> window mechanism (electric) doesn't work.  It's stuck down right now, which
> is a real bummer because it's raining this weekend.
> What he hears is that this mechanism is unique to the GT, and since there
> weren't that many GTs sold, it's hellacious expensive to fix.  Something
> like $300, because the part would have to come from Germany.

BTDT, about a week ago.

You have to buy the complete assembly; fortunately it's been redesigned,
so at least it won't break again.  List is $427.  Linda's price is $320.
GPR's is $160.  I have no idea why the spread is so large; I just cannot
figure out what distribution mechanism would cause that.

Installing it involves filing a mounting hole into a longer slot and
drilling a new hole in the bracket that is glued on the window.  You just
have to sit down and test-fit it until you really understand the geometry,
then cross your fingers and drill.

Or, you could just take the regulator out and replace it with a 1" wooden
dowel, held on with a few tie-wraps.  This is bad karma, but it's cheap.