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Re: Torsen or not Torsen? That is my question..

At 08:04 PM 12/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-12-01 16:04:32 EST, you write:
><< Does anyone know if Torsen is exclusive to Audi?
>  >>
>No, Torsen Gleason is "torque sensing" and is available for lots of car apps
>besides audi...  I believe the center diff is only used by audi, but the
>theory is the same as a axle diff....

The RAV4 has an option for a rear torsen diff.  From Toyota's page:

Torque-Sensing (Torsen®)
           Limited-Slip Differential: Optional on
           4WD models, a Torsen® limited-slip rear
           differential enhances your RAV4's traction.
           Unlike conventional differentials, this
           system transfers power to the wheel with
           the most traction or splits power between
           both rear wheels equally. That's a
           gotta-have for snow and off-roading.
           (Torsen® is a registered trademark of DK
           Gleason Inc.) 

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