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RE: Torsen or not Torsen? That is my question..


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Subject:  Re: Torsen or not Torsen? That is my question..

>Anyway I have heard that Torsens are THE thing to have, but my question is
>WHY?  All technical and first hand experience opinions are welcome.

I am a complete amature when it comes time to talk about Torsens vs. no
Torsens, however... Here are my impressions after playing with my A4Q in the

When accelerating around a corner, a U-Turn in this case. The rear wheels
would break loose (50/50) and the car would fishtail slightly. Without
straightening the wheel or letting up on the gas, the car would straighten
itself out and accelerate like crazy. I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong)
that as the rear broke free, the Torsen transferred power to the front
wheels (75/25) allowing the front wheels to pull the car and therefore
letting the rear wheels catch and fall in line.

Just a speculation.