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Re: Exclusive Use of Torsen in Audi Cars

At 08:10 PM 12/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sun, 1 Dec 1996, Karl J. Kuchma wrote:
>> The Torsen system, the complete system, is exclusive to Audi for
>> at least 1 more year.  I recently spoke with a dealer.  Audi has the
>> right to re-sign for exclusive use or to allow the Torsen system to
>> become available to all vendors.  For me to discuss this matter in 
>> any more detail would be inappropriate.  Contact your local Audi
>> dealer so that they can better answer your question concerning the
>> Torsen system currently in use on Audi cars.

Ok...discussing it in detail would be inappropriate?  The Torsen diff has
relatively widespread use among many marques...don't believe everything
an automobile dealer tells you especially Audi dealers.  Unfortunately,
Audi low volume sales(its getting better) don't attract the competent
salespersons that other high volume dealers do.  Therefore, you never
now where the Audi salesperson you are speaking to just came from.  A
good Toyota salesperson can easily make five figures a month...most 
Audi salespersons are lucky if they make four figures a month.  Usually
an Audi dealer, upon trying to fill a position, only has one requirement,
a warm body.

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