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RE: Torsen or not Torsen? That is my question..

Interesting that they use the torsen diff in the rear, instead of the
center as Audi does. It makes alot more sense to have a torsen center
diff and use traction control to manipulate the open front and rear
diffs. This allows torsen to quickly transfer torque between the front
and rear. 

The RAV4's rear torsen diff wont help much if it has a center viscous
diff, which is slow to transfer torque to the back in difficult
situations. Does anyone know if the RAV4 has a center diff, and if so,
what type?


> The RAV4 has an option for a rear torsen diff.  From Toyota's page:
>Torque-Sensing (Torsen®)
>           Limited-Slip Differential: Optional on
>           4WD models, a Torsen® limited-slip rear
>           differential enhances your RAV4's traction.
>           Unlike conventional differentials, this
>           system transfers power to the wheel with
>           the most traction or splits power between
>           both rear wheels equally. That's a
>           gotta-have for snow and off-roading.
>           (Torsen® is a registered trademark of DK
>           Gleason Inc.)