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Re: Not So Ur q Questions

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>The fuse box and wiring is the being changed to the later 4k style with the
fuse box under the hood.  This is obviously going to require some cutting,
but is fairly straight forward and well worth the effort IMO.   The wiring
from the battery and alternator will be larger, - Steve

Excellent!  I wish I had the time and inspiration to rewire my coupe!  I
liked the underhood fuse box on my 83 5kt, you could get to both sides of it
to work and you didn't have to kneel in the slush to look at it on the
roadside.  I will, however, definitely be upgrading the lousy 8 (if that!)
gauge wires between the alternator, the fuse panel, and the battery, to
something more substantial.  The main reason for observed voltage
fluctuations at the console voltmeter in my car is series resistance, not
operating voltage.  My 100 watt high beams running off the alternator prove
that.  Hmmm, the rear window defroster is also another major candidate for
rewiring, both +12 and ground.  Turning it on trashes my radio reception!

Thanks for your reply(s), and good luck finishing the project.
Huw Powell

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82ish coupe
Used parts store: 80 5k, 80 5kt, 82 coupe, 87 5k