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Engine not quite right

Not sure whats going on with my 88 urq, last night it would just not pull 
top end in 5th and I could actually feel the power of the engine going on 
and off. If I disconnect the Air Sensor that sits on the end of a rubber 
tube to the rear left hand side of the engine, it seems to make it run a 
whole lot better. Doing this also stops the *over run* problem, where I 
take my foot off and the revs dont die straight away, they sort of hover 
around the 1.5-2K region then die down slowely after about 4-5 seconds.

Anyway I took the plunge this morning and rang BR Motorsport, asked if 
they could possibly sort it out in a day (its a 4-500 mile round trip for 
me) and Im a going to be a bit stuck if they don't. They said they carry 
most bits (sensors etc) in stock, so it should be no problem.

So 20th December is looking good.

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
Always buy the best PC you can afford, that way, when it crashes it will
reboot faster.