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Pentosin volcano: CURED!!!!!

Hip - Hip - Hooray, the Audi Gods are happy at last (or at least for the

Took the car (86 5KS) for a fast 500 mile round trip to future inlaws, held
75MPH +/- all the way, not a peep from Hal (Dave, the air lock is open.) the
onboard nag, and not ONE drop of precious Pentosin missing from the resevoir.

And of course, to make sure I don't forget that the Audi Gods, even though
momentarily satiated, are STILL OUT THERE, the cruise control died after 50
of the 500 miles. (Sheesh - ya mean I gotta hand-fly this tub?) Rubber
grommet at servo disintegrated. After that was diagnosed (at half-way
point), park brake warn light decided to reassure me that it was working
fine, thank you, even though the parking brake was fully off (wheels not
warm, no drag, good MPG, etc.) Go adjust the switch.

Don't care - these are minor teething troubles on a car that had major surgery.

(Steve Bigelow says:

"Also, the damn auto-check brake light is doing it's little "Sacrifice Needed
Now" dance. Pentosin full, brake fluid full, pads O.K., pedal feels a little
spongy. There is no residual boost after engine off. Should there be? Is it
the bomb? If so, where is the best place to get them?")

You may want to think about the pump. Yours doesn't sound like the foaming
Pentosin stage yet, but if that starts, that's it.

So far, so good (actually, just about fine!)

Mike Arman