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re: Windshiled wiper fluid

JET <jet@denver.net> wrote:

>Does anybody have information about the wiper fluid in the '97 A4's?
>Whenever I use it to clean the windshield, the inside of the car fills
>with this strong odor -- kind of like a rubbing alcohol smell.  Is this
>some kind of special fluid ( just like the new antifreeze)?  Can I fill
>the fluid myself with the regular old "blue stuff?"  Thanks.

On my 88 5000K, this happened to me a while back. I guess the bottle of wiper
fluid that I picked up was perfumed. I didn't like it but my son did. On the
5000, the ventilation intake is under the wipers so I guess the perfume smell
gets sucked into the passanger compartment.

Michael Moy
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