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Re: Windshiled wiper fluid

On Dec 2, 10:50am, Michael Moy, Oracle Rdb SQL Engineering, 603-881-1
> Subject: re: Windshiled wiper fluid
> JET <jet@denver.net> wrote:
> >Does anybody have information about the wiper fluid in the '97
> > A4's? Whenever I use it to clean the windshield, the inside of
> > the car fills with this strong odor -- kind of like a rubbing
> > alcohol smell.  Is this some kind of special fluid ( just like
> >the new antifreeze)?  Can I fill the fluid myself with the regular
> > old "blue stuff?"  Thanks.
> On my 88 5000K, this happened to me a while back. I guess the
> of wiper fluid that I picked up was perfumed.

The washer fluid used in the A4 isn't perfumed... it is, in
fact, isopropanol-based.  I'm pretty sure that you can use
the "regular" stuff.  Better still, just swing by your Audi
dealer, tell them "hey, this alcohol-based fluid bothers me
enough that I can't live with it... give me something else".
They'll put a different fluid in for you.  Remember, this
stuff is free!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q