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Re: Alternators

In message <199612021552.KAA20890@Summa4.COM> marriott@Summa4.COM writes:

> My alternator has an orange-colored "Bosch" sticker on it. Something like
> "90A, and a bunch of numbers." The brushes protrude from the holder about
> 8-10 mm. Is this the original alternator (137k miles) or has it been
> replaced?

My guess would be "original with replacement regulator/brush assembly".

> It holds 13.2 volts (on a DMM) above 2500 rpm with the heater fan
> on high, electric heater on (27A), rear window heater on, and high-beams
> (or as close as I can get with the DOT "lamps") on (~22A). Do you think
> this is up to spec?

Yup.  Question is: what will you turn off if you put in 540 watts of
light?  That's 45 amps - 23 amps up on your existing light load.

I've haven't seen the high-intensity light conversion on a car with
an electric heater before.  In fact, I've never seen an electric
heater before ...

> P.S. Sorry to hear about the Frankfurt Flughafen incident. Was it
> financially payneful?

Nah.  Not compared to keeping an urq on the road.

 Phil Payne

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