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Re: '90 V8 price

     In a very low volume car (or boat--my business) the book really 
doesn't mean much because the "book" reflects actual sales by 
dealers, large auction houses, (subscribers to the particular book) etc.,
and not sales by private owners... nor does it adequately address 
car or boat condition.
     The V8Q, which I consider the most underpriced vehicle on the 
market, has its own little niche--and not a pleasant one for an 
anxious seller. With a market reputation for high maintenance 
costs for V8 specific parts/labor in addition to the usual high maintenance 
reputation for Audi in general, most dealers I've talked to don't want em 
unless they can steal them; knowing it is a slow mover and in 
addition to long-time flooring, probably have to trade in another 
Audi...  Deep pocket guys who bought them originally, usually on lease,
have moved on to whatever (usually inferior IMO)... and of course a 
six or seven year old high maintenance car at almost new car price is not
attractive to the average buyer.  Banks don't like that much money in 
an old car, insurance is high, and if you think 750 clams a year for a 
license is high, there is that too. The market therefore is pretty much limited
to knowledgeable Audi folks--like my fellow qlisters--who are very 
careful buyers when they upgrade.
     So enough BS--what is your V8 worth. Area means a lot in qtalk, 
and some of the prices I've read here on the list are very low indeed 
for our area. A pristine, original owner, Audi dealer maintained,  
never seriously damaged, low-mileage V8 should sell privately for 
between 15 and 17K up here in the now snowy, wet NW. YMMV...
most of the V8 owners I know would not sell for that... I certainly 
wouldn't. If I were a buyer and your car resembled the above criteria 
I'd buy in a NY min. at 15...    
Sorry for the BW, but at least it IS Audi realted <G>
HTH -- anything is worth what someone is willing to pay for it...
Les, the OGHF  (Old Gray Headed Feller, or whatever)