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Shipping to japan/paying for car

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 15:42:53 +0900
From: KAZUMA FUKUSHIMA <f6606095@ca.aif.or.jp>
Subject: I love quattro!

In reference to Kazuma Fukushima, who wants a Quattro sent to Japan - 

When the time comes to pay for it, buyer and seller are well advised to look
at http://webcentre.com/usr/integrity
(Unabashed self-promotion)

This can save him several hundred dollars in currency exchange costs -
breakeven point for this service is about $10,000. Yen quoted at 113.75 to
the Dollar today, bank says "Mr. Fukushima, each dollar will cost you 117.25
Yen. You need to send $10,000 for your car, so give us 1,172,500 Yen."
Actual price is 113.75 to the Dollar, so his real cost should be 1,137,500
Yen = difference of 35,000 Yen, or $307.69. If he spends more than $10,000
for the car (assuming a 3.5 Yen spread - which it is doubtful he can get;
that's a VERY good rate), he's ahead using my service.

This is any currency to any currency - so for future reference, if you're
buying an Audi in Germany by using US Dollars, or sending them there in
advance, etc., remember this. Sorry for the bandwidth if you don't need
this, but it is useful to us Audinauts. 

Mike Arman