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Descending Icy Hills

I don't have to worry about this in Atlanta (maybe once a year), but I dealt
with it in Philly and will certainly face it if I move to CO.  The question

While heading down a steep ice/snow covered hill in your ABS equipped
quattro, is it best to use engine braking alone (downshift, don't use brake
pedal), brake pedal alone (neutral coast, apply brake pedal), or a
combination of the two?  Assume your intent is to maintain best control of
speed and direction in really ugly conditions.

I have been wondering about this for a while and it seems the answer may
change with different conditions.  Also, I know when off-roading down a steep
hill you're supposed to shift into low first and *not* touch the brake pedal.
 I'd be interested in some of your more informed personal experience and


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA