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A4 delivery

I have been a regular listener on the Quattro list since I ordered my A4q
2.8l back in late July.  No details on my '97 A4 since I still haven't got
it (was supposed to be October delivery to my dealer in Virginia).  It has
been in "D" status for a long time but today I was informed it moved to "F"
status.  From what I have heard "D" status means in production, what
exactly is "F" status.  My dealer is no help at all (no suprise from what I
have heard of Audi salesmen in the US)!

Has anyone gone through this process in the past few months, and if so, how
long did it take from "F" status to delivery in US?

By the way, while traveling over Thanksgiving I stopped at a dealership and
saw the 1.8T.  I have to say I do not like the look of the 3 I saw (no
sports package).  The luxurious interior sold me on the A4 with the quattro
for winter driving and enough power for passing on the highway.  The major
advantage of the 1.8T, the ability to chip the car up dramatically, is not
very important to me (Do I sound like a typical American - luxury vs.
performance?).  The interior and wheels of the 1.8T really turned me off on
the car.  However, it was still very nice and if you like performance I'm
sure the 1.8T with the sports package would be excellent.

Christopher Loker
'87 325ic
('97 A4Q 2.8L coming soon!)