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RE: Ordering a 1.8TQ Update Part III

You get the nicer 16" wheels (the 2.8 standard wheels) with the PSP.
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>Subject:	Ordering a 1.8TQ Update Part III
>>From: "Ricardo David" <ricardo.david@worldnet.att.net>
>>Being home for the holidays on the south side of Chicago I finally got to
>>the Audi dealer that is two blocks from home.  Turns out they had two 1.8t
>>Quattros with automatic transmission and the PSP sport package.
>> Very smooth, no, it is not a silky smooth 6 cyl, but I also have $4000 more
>>my pocket.  The difference was not worth $4000 to me.  The car is not fast,
>>but it's not a dog either. I have never really had a fast car but I felt it
>>showed plenty of potential, especially when the manuals arrive.  And of
>>course, in the future a chip, exhaust, and cone filter should take care of
>>my need for speed problems. 
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>I saw a 1.8T today at the Bellevue (Seattle) dealer.  I have a '97 2.8L A4Q,
>but bought it in a different city and wanted to find the local dealer before
>I actually need them.  You know, you give up a LOT on the 1.8T.  I was
>amazed.  It doesn't look or feel (inside) like the A4 - more like a
>Passat/Acura mix.  
>You also have uglier (and smaller) wheels, and, on brief examination, some
>of the features I'm used to are missing.  (They may just be somewhere else.)
>So I don't think the engine is where that $4000 is.  Maybe $1500 of it, but
>not $4k.
>        Fringe
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