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Re: synthetic motor oil bad???????

Your friend is a bit full of %$#@, personally I do not use synthetic oil at
present time but I can verify to you that synthetic oil make a HUGE
difference in extreme cold weather!!!!!!!!!! synthetic oils do not gel like
conventional oils. I use to own a diesel Jetta and a 5K turbo diesel and
can tell you that the synthetic oil made  all the difference between
starting or not!
I think you (and your friend) are about to start another "synthetic oil war
in the list", this time I will just watch (last time I started it!). We
have some list members that believe in synthetic oil so strongly that maybe
they should start the synthetic oil religion!!!!
The main religion will be "the Mobil 1 " religion (most followers) with
smaller sects like "Amsoil" "red line" etc.
Now guys and gals please do not beat on me too hard!!! (try to take it with
a bit of humor, and use whatever oil you feel like).
I end this post with deep sympathy to all my Q list friends (including all
of you synthetic oil users, you know who you are, and especially to Psycho
Avi Meron
86 5Kcstq
former Delvac 1 (Mobil) user for over 1,000,000 miles!!!!!
former resident of WI 
former place of work in MN
former participant in snowmobile racing
lots and lots of experience in cold weather (enough for two life times)
presently resides in Yorba Linda CA home of the gracious living