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Re: 89 200TQ Boost dump

The '91 200q Motronic ECU comes with sockets (as did the earliest S4s)...
and Ned replaces them with his own scrambling device/socket--his chip goes
into this "socket" and is useless otherwise  (but I wonder if you couldn't
desolder his device and pop the whole kit-and-caboodle -- device and chip --
into an EPROM reader ?).  btw, after watching Ned desolder those sockets, I
agree with what you write--it don't look like a lot of fun, even with Ned's
vacuum desoldering device.

At 11:23 PM 11/26/96 -0800, Orin Eman wrote:
>Maybe we can negotiate with Ned to socket ECUs since that is the
>part I certainly don't want to do.  Once the EPROM is in a socket,
>the rest is easy.  Or I suppose I could hit the yellow pages
>to find a local company that can do this job.
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