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Snow Tars/Caveat Emptor!

Fellow Audians: We've had snow; we've had ice; my family and I were 
without power for almost a week. The pressure was too much .... I 
broke down and bought Blizzaks. I called Discount Tire to order their 
advertised $496 Snow wheel/Yokohama Guardex combo. DT claimed their 
add price was a misprint -- "it was supposed to say Dunlops" and they 
could not sell the YokoG/wheel combo for $496 (the same add was in 
C&D, R&T and Automobile for months). Then came the sad part -- DT was 
"out of Audi 200 wheels and would have to special order them." By the 
time DT was finished, their $496 deal was over $600. Can you say "bait 
& switch"? IMHO, Dicktown Tire=Caveat Emptor!!

My local Firestone dealer made me decent deal, so I Bridgestoned. I 
have to tell you that the Quattro/Blizzak combination makes for an 
_amazing snow car_. It started snowing shortly after lunch today and 
it's still going strong. I motored home _no problem_. I don't even 
think we taxed the Torsen. I've always been a little car crazy, but I 
gotta tell you I'm lovin' this Quattro. There ought to be a Surgeon 
General's sticker on the driver's window -- "Warning: This Car is 
Addictive! After you drive it, you will never want anything else but 
another, and another, and another, and another....." Greg