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Re: questions on buying used Audis...

At 04:37 PM 12/2/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I'm trying to figure out what used Audi to get and I have a
>few questions.  I know about the archive, but has anyone tried
>to find info in this thing?  I'd have to take a week off to 
>read thru everything! 
...Can't comment but I'd like to try.(taking the week off, that is.)

>1.  I've been looking at '86-'87 4000Q's and noticed that they
>    all use KE-Jetronic, an electonic/mechanical combo.  Most 
>    manufacturers had switched to J-Jetronic by then.  How 
>    reliable is it?
...My 86 4KcsQ has gone 150,000 miles with zero such problems..10 years,
sounds reliable.

>2.  Does anyone have any pointers to articles on how to tweak
>    these engines from this era?  How about things to look for
>    when looking to buy a '85-'87 4000/5000?

...I will address .."things..." but tweaking isn't my interest.I think the
Audi engineers gave me a balanced, reliable engine, and I am trying to keep
it that way.

...Stay away from repaired wrecks, only consider cars if you can examine a
reliable service history. First or second owner who took care of the car. If
not part of the history already,  expect to repair power windows (especially
rear),door handles, front springs, fuel lines, calipers/rotors, dash
lightbulbs and resistor, entire exhaust system, timing belt, belts and idler
pulley,  a few wheel bearings,and possibly a radiator and thermostat and
water pump. Also, the a/c drain through the firewall will probably have been
plugged up and will have flooded the passenger foot well, requiring
replacement of all the insulation down to the floorboards. If the a/c didn't
get the footwells, then the heater core destroyed them when it leaked and
had to be replaced. We all know that the seat heaters will either be
inoperable or ready to go that route. And you gotta get the right tires,
'cause they make big changes in the way it drives. Then, there is the
rust...Under that nice paint, this generation of cars is starting to show
pin-hole rusting and bubbling, and in about 3-5 more years I think they will
have some major rustouts showing up in critical structural panels. After
1987, Audi started using double-sided zinc treated metal in most of the
panels, and that makes the post-87 cars more attractive to me. I live in
northern Ohio in an ocean of salt all winter.

>3.  For the '88-'91 80's and 90's, my impression is that they are
>    basically the same car with different engines and trim levels.
>    The 80Q and 90Q appear to have the same drivetrain, though.  
>    What's the difference between these two models?

....maybe some other owners will reply.....I'm interested.One of these might
be my next car, although I didn't like the way they handled when
new,compared to the 86-874KQ. They felt jittery and didn't have the railroad
track feel in curves. But the rust treatment makes them attractive, and no
doubt the handling could be changed.

>4.  Does the 20V engine have any identifying labels?  Is it a 
>    twin cam?  Are the plugs in the center instead of the side?
>    I looked at a 200 at a local saturn dealer that was supposedly
>    a '91, but the engine looked the same as the 10V one.  I thought
>    '91's used the 20V engine.

....try someone else.............

>5.  Given the choice between an '86 4000Q and an '86 5000 turbo
>    (non Q), which would you prefer?  While I currently live
>    in the SF bay area, I plan to move to the Sierra foothills
>    in the next few years.

...I'd prefer the 4K for its handling characteristics in the speed ranges
and driving conditions that I encounter in the midwest. The Q feature is my
favorite, and the non-Q 5K turbo doesn't interest me. I have driven the 5K
non-turbo, and it was just another generic family car in my opinion, and
that suprised me. After years in a 4KQ, I expected railroad track cornering
and a firm suspension that just wasn't there in the 5K that I drove. But
then, you could drive the Lotus for handling.

>Any help would be appreciated!
...O.K., Steve....I like to talk about my car......old as it is.  Doyt

>-steve  (yeah, I've got the car habit bad) valin
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