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RFI: '81 - '87 Coupes

See http://www.igdc.com/ejfluhr/Audi/Coupes.html

This is a Request For Information on the '81 - '87 Coupes.  I need numbers
like dimensions, base prices, acceleration times, braking times, skidpad
results, etc.  Also, I need verification that the information I currently
have is correct.  A lot of it came from printed sources, but some of it
is just what I "remember" from old magazines and such.  Anyplace I have
a question mark is information I don't know or am not quite sure about.

The Coupe specs page is a rough start on the Audi model specs we were
discussing a few weeks back.  I wanted to gather the information to one
place and have our list members contribute to and double-check it for
completeness.   For some reason, the pictures look grainy under Netscape.
If anyone knows why, please let me know (the pictures look much better
under WebExplorer).

So, please take a look and let me know of any other information you have
on these cars.  Also, I would like a little more info on the differences
between the model years, to supplement the paragraph on each model year's

'85 Coupe GT, now on the web at the above site
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