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Tornado Red is actually Tornado Red

Frank J. Bauer writes: 

>it is actually called "Toronado Red" wherever i have seen it, so i 
>believe the translation is accurate but it is often misread/misused 
>as "Tornado".       

BZZZZT!  Sorry, Frank.  Not only does my bottle of official Audi
(Autobahn) Touch-Up paint say "Tornado Red", but so does my
"Pre-Delivery" inspection card and the code on my initial Audi
Registration with option codes.  To top it all off, as maybe this might
be a mistake in 1990, I am looking at the full 13" x15" A4 brochure for
1996 and sure enough it says "Tornado Red".

Where have you read it as "Toronado Red"?

'90 80Q (Tornado Red)
'96 Harlequin Macaw (Kinda Orange/Red)