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Re: Radio static/Defroster

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>First off when your directly under a Tower  your actually getting a 
greatly REDUCED signal  Because of antenna  polarization patterns.

(WUNH only has one tower, and it is *strong* under it.  *way* strong.) 

> The other thing that you might look at is your alt, it's voltage  reg and
it's diodes.... If it is passing ANY A/C it would be reradiated  by the
defroster grid and it might just be powerful enough to mask you  antenna... 
(Think Jammer here Joe...)

Hmmm, yes I can try to eliminate any square wave pulses from getting to the
defroster.  Easy enough to try a couple of simple filters at its connections
.  Thanks, I will report.  Regarding antenna amplifier issues - there is no
amplifier in this car, just an aftermarket power antenna running to an
aftermarket head.  I do worry about current sharing in the ground track
however.  Gotta look up the circuit.  
Huw Powell

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