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RE: Marvel Mysetery oil

>      I just bought some of this stuff at the local Pep Boys.  The guy at the
>counter told me that it should clean out my valves and injectors and make the c
>ar run smoother or start faster.  I am going to add it to my gas tank and I am
>wondering how much you add at a time.  I this about half the container was what
>the container reccomends, but I thought the guy told me to add the whole thing
>to the tank when I fill 'er up.  Just wanted to get a second opinion.  Thanks.

Hi Dan et al,

	I've tried to post to you a couple of time, but your address always
bounces back; I've sent via the whole list twice now, this makes three times.
Dan, I don't use Marvel Mystery Oil in my gasoline; I only put it in my
crankcase about two tankfuls of gas(700 miles) before an oil change. It can be
used in your gasoline, but I have NO experience doing this; I only put Techron
in my gasoline, and then only the last tankful before an oil change.

	On a note that all with noisey lifters may enjoy; a mechanic friend of
mine used to work for an independant VW/Audi/foreign car place that was owned
by a German fellow, Hans. For noisey, and aren't they all, lifters ol' Hans had
this stuff in little cans called MOA that, according to my mechanic friend, just
knocked the noise right outta the lifters. I just talked to ol' Hans who says
that if MOA doesn't quite 'em its big brother RS-7 will, and he believes that
this stuff is compatible with synth. oil as well as dino. All disclaimers
apply; I haven't tried the stuff myself, just heard it was the best.



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