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Spark plugs for the 5ksT

In a message dated 96-12-03 20:26:16 EST, you write:

<< What are the exact plugs that the 5ksT needs? Are they the three prong
 What is the number and gap. >>
Bentley states:  Beru          RS 35
                        Bosch        WR7DS
                        Champion   N8GY

Gap: "Tolerance is + only, not +/-"          .7 + .1mm

Haynes says primarily the same, except gap is .6 to .8mm US, .7 to .9 Canada,
.8 to .9mm in the UK. 

No idea in the world why the difference in gaps.

Steve Bigelow 
Ottawa Ontario
82 Coupe
84 5ks with new bomb $$$$