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Re: synthetic motor oil bad???????

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Michael Williams wrote:

> Ok everyone...i jsut wanted to say that i didnt believe this guy for a
> minute.  After he told me this he said that he could never run synthetic in
> his fharley because of the initial grind to the startup...it just couldnt
> staret...i am certain that he is full of bull...
> Mike
> 85 Coupe GT
> http://users.aol.com/daserde2
> TO: Micheal Williams
>From Damien Zumbrennen: Isaid my car was better after I replaced my old 
castrol GTX with Mobile 1 synthetic oil!  After trying everything to 
quiet the sound of the valves(a very common problem among 4000Q's) w/o 
replacing them completely, I put synthetic oil in, and everything got 
better.  In my opinion, synthetic engine oil is the best thing you can 
put in your engine in order to rewduce wear and increasa power.>