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Status on Clutch

Thank you to all.  It was my master cylinder.  Like Orin, the little rod
broke.  I couldn't find a replacement rod so I paid $140 for the part and
$80 for 2 hours labor.  Hopefully this will last a long time.  My mechanic
noticed I needed new rear diff bushings.  I smiled and said, "I know, I
have the parts at home."  He started swearing.

I'm temporarily going to be off the list for a month and a half because
I'm vacationing and discovering my roots in the Philippines.  Merry
Christmas, Happy New Year, and Mabuhay to the Quattro list (Tagolog for
"Long Live")!

Nathan Belo
Seattle, Washington
'88 90Q Tornado Red, 15X6 Ronal R8, 205/50 15 D60A2's in front (I'm
broke), 205/50 15 Dunlop SP 4000 ZR M&S ($135 a piece vs. $85),  Clear
turn markers, Eibach springs, Sachs/Boge Turbo Gas shocks and a new clutch
master cylinder.