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'89 200q ?'s

Hey Folks!  New to the list - great to hear all your comments.  I used to
drive an '84 5K, sold that and bought a Corrado VR6.  Just moved to Denver
and am back in the Audi saddle again with an '89 200q.  My brother also
just bought a '93 S4 and then proceeded to buy a '90 V8 from the same guy!
Couple questions for anyone who might have some ideas:

my '89 200q seems a bit "squirrely" between 30mph and 65mph.  Before and
after these speeds, she tracks real true and tight, but in this window the
car likes to wander and tight feel goes away.  There's almost a dead spot
in the center - just doesn't have the same response.  Could this be tire
related or suspension related?  The tires and pretty worn Pirelli P6's and
only the struts have been replaced at 60K - the car now has 85K.  I'm
probably going to get some snows on it soon anyway...but has anybody else
heard of this?  Could the steering pump or rack cause something like this?

Also, can anybody in Denver recommend a good mechanic?


'89 200q