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Re: Interesting Car for Sale

Lino adds:
> Subject: Re: Interesting Car for Sale
> > > Unless you use "innovation" to mean "not common", inboard disks were
> not
> > > an NSU innovation. Alfa has used them for decades - looks very strange
> > > with "open" wheels: "Look, Ma. No brakes at all!".
> > 
> Let's not forget the Citroen DS21. 
> I used to open the hood/bonnet to replace the front brake pads.  The rotors
> were actually in front of the engine.


or an E-type Jag where you could either remove the transaxle (lots of
charge here) or remove the rear seat (2+2/Type III) and fish things
the access covers.

a car whose bad memories fade with time... 5.3 liter V12  325 hp

steve powers