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Re: A4 driveline shudder / synthetic oil / Rain-X nightmare

On Dec 3,  8:24pm, Chris & Karen Newbold wrote:

> ====> Rain-X nightmare
> About a year ago I started using Rain-X on my windshield. I
> gave up after about four months because it isn't really effective
> at speeds < 50 MPH and using wipers just hastened the demise of
> the application.
> Now (eight months later) I've got the *NASTIEST* film/slime/goo
> on my windshield. Even at mid-day, it's downright dangerous trying
> to see through the smearing (let alone at night)...
> I've tried glass cleaner and light (and later, heavy) scrubbing
> with Bon Ami. No dice. This s**t just won't come off. Any one
> have any bright ideas (besides replacing the glass or reapplying
> the Rain-X)???

Wow.  I was beginning to think that I was the only one in the
world who's ever had this problem?  Can't help you, but if you
find a solution I'd *love* to hear it!!!  Raix-X works great,
as long as you reapply it every week or two.  But once you
start using it, it would seem that you're stuck using it forever.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q