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Re: '90 V8 price

> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<John Karasaki sent>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> > I'd have to disagree with Les.  We bought our V8 over a year ago, from a
> > dealer, for less than the bottom of the range he mentions.  Our car has the
> > converted brakes and has had the transmission replaced as well.  In Seattle,
> > a V8 may sell for that, but in Portland, OR, unless our car has appreciated
> > over the last year, I think the V8s are selling for much less.
>      Absolutely no disagreement, John. Lot of variables out there on 
> a low volume car. And the V8 is surely that.  
>      I've had several private emails in agreement, and many more in 
> disagreement. Story of my life! I'm the same nut who bought an 80 
> 5kT new for 21K and traded it 250,000 miles later for 2.5k on the 
> wife's 92 100 CS.  And we won't even talk about the 84 5K... or the 
> others... hard come, easy go -o( 
>      In your particular case you would have had to pay a bit more if 
> it had the UFO's! <BG>
>      The main thrust of my post was that an anxious V8Q seller is 
> not in a good bargaining position! No matter the market, I 
> think it is a great, underpriced car (just got a painful twitch from 
> my right rear pocket).  At 10k I should buy one for parts!! And I 
> still think that a lo mile, mint (an honest 10) that has never been 
> in a fight, no rock chips even, is not unreasonable in Seattle at 
> 15k... YMMV (love that one!).
>      One thing I'm sure you'll agree on... wet, windy, snowy ... for 
> a boat dealer this ain't good!
>       All the best, and next time in Portland I'll even spring for a 
> Big Mac!
> Les