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Re: Descending Icy Hills


Studs in the snow tires help in icy situations.  However, I seriously
question whether the help on ice on those fairly rare encounters would be
worth the aggravation of noise and loss of dry handling associated with the
studs.  Cornering on studs on a dry road is somewhat akin to driving the
same corner on loose pea gravel.  This can produce some quite thrilling
experiences.  :-)

At 10:35 AM 12/3/96 -0500, you wrote:
>A word of warning: GO VERY CAREFULLY on ice, quattro or non q. Nothing 
>really works well on ice-I just found out last week in my 90 Q.WITH snow 
>tires. I was on ice (unexpextedly), perhaps going a touch faster than I 
>should have been, and the next thing I know I was sliding into the 
>guardrail...Nothing serious, but bucks out of my pocket as my insurance 
>is sort of full.
>Slow down, be in low gear and lightly use the brakes, be alert with 
>steering-that sjould work in my opinion.
>Nick D. 90 Q 20 valves
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