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Tornado Red Has Us In A Whirl

>From 12/2/96: 
(Trivia note:  "Tornado Red" is actually a mis-translation of "Toronado
Rot".) it is actually called "Toronado Red" wherever i have seen it, so i
believe the translation is accurate but it is often misread/misused as

I, too, have been puzzled by the name "Tornado Red." ("Run for the
storm cellar, Maude, the sky's turning red.  Must be a tornado coming!")
Since it's used by both Audi and VW, am I correct in assuming it's the
same color?  

Please note that all my German language Audi and VW sales literature
refers to the hue as "Tornadorot."  If the name came about because of a
translation problem, it appears not to be with the catalog translation
from German to English.

Anyone know for sure how the color got its name?


'85 4KSQ
'89 Ford F250 4x4 diesel
'95 Z28