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Audi Germany Site/ Help

I'm not sure if everyone has seen this site, but I am amazed at what cool info 
the official Audi-Germany (in English) provides. Info about the A3-4-6-8-duo,  
manufacturing, annual reports, etc.........Please check it out if you would 
like to know more about the company.....they also have a partial online 


let me know what you think - alvin

Help....ummm, make that a question, I just replaced my driver's side headlight 
with a standard Sylvania 9004 bulb and it's working just fine , equal light 
out of both bulbs, not sure what passenger's side bulb make is. And I was 
recently looking through the Imparts catalog 1-800-325-9043 they sent for 
x-mas and they have two totally different 9004's to choose from :

9004, 55/100 watt Off-Road   #23501  $11.50

9004, 80/100 watt Off-Road   #23502  $12.50

I have no idea what my Sylvanias are rated at probably 35/55 watt ????

Can I or should I upgrade to 55/100 watt without changing relays or do I have 
to change fuses and relays or maybe just one or the other????  
Please send feedback.
I would love to have brighter lights without getting arrested or shorted-out!!

BTW....I had Bridgestone RoadHandler GT 205/60 15 H installed on my car, 
they're M+S and they work great on the dry and the wet - quiet and cool tread 
pattern too- I don't go over 100 mph anyway so they're practical.

1990 Coupe Quattro - 94k miles...and still strong (Mobil 1, of course!)