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Silicone treatment for rubber.. ( ..never mind..)

Two items, from watching the digest go by,

1) Blaufernugen has a special on a 32 oz. spray bottle of
   rubber treatment. ( $12.95??), use it on weatherstripping,
   CV and tie-rod boots, balck body moldings, etc. (800)683-2834.

2) On the static, I agree with Steadiric, the alternator is the
   first place to check. There is a capacitor right on the output
   just inside the plastic shield. If that is bad, you get a 
   engine speed dependant "whining" in the stereo. That is the
   obvious effect. However it affects radio reception as well.
   If one of the diodes on the 3 phase bridge goes bad, that will
   also dramatically increase the EMI/RFI noise throughout the car.