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Re: Exclusive Use of Torsen in Audi Cars

"Exclusive Use ?" 

There are several types of Torsen diffs and some torsen products are in use
on other cars/truck in the auto world...the Hummer (big Army truck) uses a
specific type of torsen diff.

The early days of awd technology also saw some primitive diffs called the
Gleason Torsen diffs which ended up on some wild US prototypes like AWD
mustangs etc...

Audi in the past has done some exclusive rights signings etc. in an effort to
corner their implementation of the wonderful technology...but I am not sure
which specific diff's they have done this with....anyways I think the Audi
dealer you spoke to was referring to the exclusive use of the EDL feature of
the current system, and the Torsen power transfer settings.

Whichever torsen feature it is...it still remains that Audi has tremendous
leadership in this automotive area...and that is exactly why certain vehicles
have paid a premium to borrow portions othe technology for their benefit.
Like the Military's HumVee or Hummer.

90 90
Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH