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Re: Snow Tars/Caveat Emptor!

On Dec 2,  9:42pm, gregsj@mail.imm.com wrote:
>... I called Discount Tire to order their 
> advertised $496 Snow wheel/Yokohama Guardex combo. DT claimed their 
> add price was a misprint -- "it was supposed to say Dunlops" and they 
> could not sell the YokoG/wheel combo for $496 (the same add was in 
> C&D, R&T and Automobile for months). Then came the sad part -- DT was 
> "out of Audi 200 wheels and would have to special order them." By the 
> time DT was finished, their $496 deal was over $600. Can you say "bait 
> & switch"? IMHO, Dicktown Tire=Caveat Emptor!!

Yowch!  I thought that DT was supposed to be at least fairly
reputable.  Well, I'm glad I called the Tire Rack; I bought
a Yoko Guardex, steel wheel, and wheel cover package.  Including
shipping, all told the bill was $525.  Should be here by the
end of the week.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q