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German Audi sales figures

Hi all,

Auto Zeitung Magazine regularly publishes sales figures for the German
market. These tell us that in September 96 Audi was Germany's fifth largest
seller, with 19,649 cars, a 9% increase over the Sep '95. From Jan to Sep
'96 160,285 Audis have been sold in Germany- a 0.7% decrease over Jan-Sep
#1 is VW, 2 is Opel, 3 is Ford and 4 is Mercedes-Benz. 6 is BMW.

The Audi A4 is the 8th best-selling car in Germany, selling 9,904 units in
Sep '96. (up 7.7% from last Sep) From Jan-Sep '96, 109,105 A4s have been
sold, up a whopping 81.8% from last year.
The A3's at #15, the A6 at 17 and the A8 doesn't register (at least above #60).

-just thought you'd like to know...


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