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Audi Memorial/Graveyard...

Wacky person that I (sometimes) am, I'm thinking about adding another page
to my web site: A memorial to all those Audis we've loved and lost because
of traffic accidents.  (Or to put it another way, an Audi graveyard!)

If you've got a photo of your wrecked Audi, send it to me and I'll include
it along with mine (I can scan them, if necessary).  This is meant to be a
semi-humorous page so please don't send me anything really grisly ... it's
also not meant to poke fun at the pain and suffering incurred by those who
were injurred in an accident just a light-hearted romp similar to the "And
They Walked Away, part XX..." video tapes advertised on ESPN2. 

I'm also in the process of putting together an RS2 page and should have it
up-and-running within the next week or so ... stay tuned.

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