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Re: 85 Window Reg

Jess wrote:

Gee, did I just get screwed?  The local Audi dealer changed my regulator
almost $600!  They said that the part could not be sold by itself.  The
included labor which I know could not have taken that long.  I knew that it
would be possible to get the part cheaper elsewhere but the timing of the
whole ordeal prevented me from saving big bucks!  Oh well...

No you didnt get screwed, you got a "chunck" taken out!!!

This is "typical" from most Dealers!!!    

If you had to purchase your car, piece by piece, from the dealer, it would
cost you 4 times the original sticker price!!!

Maintenence is money$$$$$$, big money$$$$$.

Whats bad here is, they lied. The entire window reg "is" availible from a
number of sources, that all charge HALF the dealer price!!!  Plus it only
takes 3 hours(max) to do!!! Plus many of the aftermarket sources stock a
superior reg, than OEM!!

This is the main reason I do my own Audi maintenence, and save "BIG BUCKS"

Wish I could of charged $600 for installing those window reg.... I could
retire now!!!