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Mac 11c EPROM Desoldering

As Orin suggested, someone on the list might be able to desolder EPROMs for
a reasonable fee.

Well, I'll take a crack at it. I've done mine, and run the "Charlie" spring
and modified EPROM with 1.7 bar. It has been reliable and a real joy to drive.

I have a vacuum desoldering station which makes the job about as easy as it
is going to get. I also have some experience desoldering high pin-count
devices, so ...

I am offering to desolder the EPROM, install socket and original EPROM
and test said computer in my car. (I'll test before and after!) I could
optionally install the lastest homebrew EPROM that I run. I know I'd have
to provide some reasonable turn around (w/ overnight, or 2nd day shipping).

I had a fee of $50-$100 bucks in mind, but I'm not sure what people are willing
to pay. I'd wager it would take me a couple of hours between doing the
work, testing and handling the logistics, so I think $50 is a hard minimum.
There would only be a small fee for the homebrew EPROM since that is being
collectively developed by several list members and the duplication costs are

Any takers? What is it worth to you?
I can only test Mac 11C computers in my car, so that is all I will
offer to modify.


'87 5000CSTQ w/ 1.7 bar (spring, homebrew EPROM).